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Windows Security settings you must change watch

Windows Security settings you must change watch

Windows Security settings you must change watch

Everyone should harden their Windows 10 security. Here are a group of settings that you consider changing in order to secure your Windows 10:

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8 months ago This is one of the things that holds me back from going to Windows 10. If I had my way I would like to turn off every security feature preventing me from doing something. One of the reasons I like Windows 7. Everything I run on it installs and works without jumping through hoops. I use it to control 2 way radios. I have friends with Windows 10 and the same current software gives them a problems with security this and that pop ups and I know there is noting wrong with the software. Be nice if there was just 1 single switch to turn it all off and let me decide what to turn on including Window updates. I heard you don’t have a choice to pick and choose what updates you want. I like to pick and choose the updates that I know won’t be a problem.

Becky Sills

9 months ago Yikes!!! Now another problem!. My computer runs really slowly. I found a page about how to improve your computer’s performance. The first step was to ‘check for updates’ to see if I could improve the issues. I clicked on “Windows 10” and it started a page that looked like it was searching for Windows 11 update. I quickly paused the search for 7 days. How do I make sure at the end of 7 days that it doesn’t install Windows 11? I have a friend who said her computer automatically installed Windows 11 and she lost everything on her computer! She took it to the computer repair shop and he couldn’t retrieve her stuff. Help!

Liron Segev 8 months ago you can always simply rollback Windows 11 to Windows 10. The only way to “lose everything” is if you tell Windows to do a clean install which it tells you that it will delete everything. If you are just doing an update, it should keep everything including programs you have installed. To be safe, backup all your personal data to an external hard drive.

84,569 views May 21, 2022 #TheTechieGuy#premiumsecuritysuite Everyone should harden their Windows 10 security! Here are a bunch of settings that you need to change in order to secure your Windows 10:

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