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Snapshot Review Apple Vision Pro and Love for Widgets

Snapshot Review Apple Vision Pro and Love for Widgets

Here are two recent releases from CNet covering hardware/software including the new Apple Vision Pro and Love for Widgets.

Latest video release.

Both media releases feature CNET’s, Bridget Carey. In the first media, you will hear and see about the speed limit of the headset. Is this for safety reasons or a quirk in the software? Watch to find out what the experts have to say about it.

Time to find information about Apple’s latest unreleased expensive new device from the potential consumer’s point of view. Well, maybe a few gripes about pricing and other devices at another price level. The comments selected below are quoted from YT Channel in a random non-scientific selection process.

The Vision Pro Has a Speed Limit: New Details on Apple’s Headset


2 hours ago Most people don’t even realize that the economy is collapsing and there is an increasing rate of unemployment worldwide so take advantage and prepare while things are still on the shelf in the store


The economy affects us all and it is important to consider pricing for devices as part of planning. Snapshot Review Apple Vision Pro and Love for Widgets

1 hour ago Way too many frictions to use. People are lazy, this will flop hard. Do you remember Magic Leap? Yeah, that’s next, 100.000 units solds in the first 6 months to the early geek adopters and then no one will care.

2 hours ago Awesome host. Annunciates, emotive facial gestures, enthusiastic, with clear and concise information, as usual.



2 hours ago They will have to cut the price by 2/3 before this becomes a genuine mass consumer product.


Nice wish for us consumers who challenge the value of the cost of this device. Your wish may have to wait until 2040 AD when other newer devices become available. Although, if you purchase the device as a collector and never use it. You may have a more valuable collector’s item in 2060AD. Back to the video. Snapshot Review Apple Vision Pro and Love for Widgets

We’re learning more about Apple’s upcoming headset as developers get to tinker with apps and programming for Vision Pro.

  • 0:00 New Information Emerges About Apple Vision Pro
  • 0:46 New Vision Labs and Tools for Developers
  • 1:36 Vison Pro Getting Speed Limit and Travel Mode
  • 2:40 Share Vision Pro With Friends Using Guest Mode
  • 3:14 Vison Pro Reservation System and Customization Options
  • 5:18 Bridget’s Widget Update

Why Apple Is Pushing Widgets Everywhere

6 days ago If you have a Pro Max or iPhone Plus, putting widgets with useful info like weather, battery levels, and world clock at the top of each screen means that you can reach all of your app icons without having to maneuver your thumb to the top of the screen. I personally really missed widgets after switching from Android. I want them for the info. But I really like being able to push app icons to the bottom 4 rows.


Widgets have a place in the meta-universe. Snapshot Review Apple Vision Pro and Love for Widgets

7 days ago Apple wants the Windows 8 look that everyone loved.


Love this comment. Snapshot Review Apple Vision Pro and Love for Widgets

Apple gives widgets a boost in the latest software for the iPhone, iPad, Mac, and Apple Watch. As CNET’s Bridget Carey learns to live with widgets, she gets some helpful perspective from mobile expert Lisa Eadicicco. Read Lisa’s CNET Article here: 0:00

Apple Wants You To Want Widgets

  • 0:24 Widgets Aren’t New Inventions
  • 1:28 Apple Brings Widgets to iPads, Macs, and Apple Watches
  • 2:15 Changes to Widgets for iPhones
  • 2:58 Bridget Fidgets with Widgets
  • 4:27 Why Widgets? Why Now?
  • 7:55 Will Bridget Learn to Love Widgets?

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