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Review Skills You Need in Information Technology

Review Skills You Need in Information Technology

Review Skills You Need in Information Technology

Here is a snapshot random selection of current video media. Review Skills You Need in Information Technology.

Our method of selection used included date of publication ie. after 2014.

Publisher credentials, for example, views and sub volumes, and general feedback was positive to all posts.

In summary more research should be undertaken to ascertain if the role you seek matches your desired work.

These articles present information for you to move forward.

Topic Subject Skills

Why Study Information Technology?” (2017)  55k views and 15k subs This course is designed for anyone who wants to have more information about the Information Technology field and is ideal for someone just getting started.
An introduction to computer hardware
• How computer networks function including the Internet
• How software is built in the industry today
• An overview of mobile computing
• Cloud computing and the services that are offered by the leading vendors on the market today
• Computer security and
• The future of computing

The ONE Skill You NEED in IT” (2018)with 110k views and 1.2M subscribers duration 14 minutes.

Customer service is the one skill you need according to the first presenter.

Agree that it is important to be able to communicate with customers.

However, you need other skills as well.

Highlights include his perspective on customer service and links to several resources including books and labs for the hardware software people reading/watching his presentation.

Second presentation titled “What they don’t tell you about entrepreneurship” (2017) with 1M views and 31.5M subs the author spends 16 minutes discussing aspects claimed not to be told to entrepreneurs on stage in TEDxCardiff.

Many I.T. professionals fall into being entrepreneurs and this presentation…

“Mark Leruste exposes the truth behind the life of the every- day entrepreneur and why it’s important that we talk openly and truthfully about the pressures and struggles associated with starting a business and what it actually feels like.”


Next presentation subject title “Programming vs Coding – What’s the difference?” (2021) 280k views and 260k subs and 6 minutes in duration.

This is the author’s take on the difference. This is a recent production and provides some insight for the audience.

One comment succinctly wrote… “Programmers are architects, coders are construction workers.”

Computer Science vs Information Technology (school, jobs, etc.)” (2019) with 100k views approximately and a duration approximately 4 minutes.

The author offers his opinion comparing Computer Science (CS) and Information Technology.

His written comments include consider the long term prospects and your mental happiness.

Things to Know Before Getting into IT”(2015) 257k views and 190k subs to the channel this is an 18 minute duration.

The presenter makes clear that this presentation is solely based on his experience.”

IT is for problem solvers and people thinking outside the box.”

Getting Started…Do you need a College Degree? (2019) with 16k views and 318k subs 18 minutes in duration.

The author attempts to show various paths to enter the IT realm with no experience and no qualifications.

This is a point of view that may help a new student to IT some possible route to success.

Seeking a higher education or internship with the business help new recruits improve their skills sets.

Higher education has its monetary cost and likely give the student a rounded approach set of skills even by taking an Associates degree…. for example within the US.



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How to get a Job in Information Technology with no Experience (2021)

Josh Madakor – Cybersecurity and I.T. Career Advice

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Computer and Information Technology – 2021 Labs Tour – Purdue Polytechnic

Purdue Polytechnic Institute

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Benefits and Issues of Information Technology

5-Minute Lessons by Victor

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Top 10 Technologies To Learn In 2020 | Trending Technologies In 2020 | Top IT Technologies | Edureka


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Information Technology Strategic Planning

NUC University – División Online

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Top 4 IT Skills – Basic Things You Should Know

The Copier Channel

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Welcome to Information Technology | Google IT Support Certificate

Google Career Certificates

Gary Norman

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