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Review Samsung Galaxy S8 Tab Ultra v iPad Pro video

Review Samsung Galaxy S8 Tab Ultra v iPad Pro video

Featured in this post is our review of the following post-Review Samsung Galaxy S8 Tab Ultra v iPad Pro video.

Moreover, Dave2D of the Samsung Galaxy, S8 Tab Ultra compared to the Apple iPad Pro for s-pen and apple pencil support, artwork, performance, and gaming.

Furthermore, the presenter takes time and cares to showcase the strengths and weaknesses of the device in his lab. Example post response in respect.

Food for thought.

Example Windows is supporting ARM tablets dual boot device? Suggested by one reader.

For the functionality, comment see below.

Watch the review, and formulate your own research and analysis with this latest device.

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I love how every time you handle the devices with care. Man, you really don’t take things for granted, like other reviewers. You have my utmost respect.
With how Windows is putting more focus on ARM support, I think the tab series could make for a great dual boot tablet in the future. There’s already a project to allow some older SD chips (I think 855?) to run Windows and they work really well so it’s looking feasible!


A shame samsung probably just wouldn’t give this even if it could the functionality. They can’t even give the a-series DEX to run second screen or something.
This thing was love at first sight for me, but my Tab S6 is still in perfect condition so I have no reason to upgrade. My one worry was that the Ultra would see low demand, which could lead to it being a one-time thing. I don’t think I have to worry about that now. I’ll upgrade once the Tab S9 Ultra comes around, or maybe even the S10 Ultra.



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