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Review Laptop Alienware X15 Design Specs Performance video

Review Laptop Alienware X15 Design Specs Performance video


Here are links and media featuring this new release device. Review Laptop Alienware X15 Design Specs Performance video.

The media presentation was produced by Mash IT 12.3K subscribers. Please check out their full library on YT.

Our comment about this device is great to see a slimmer design finally arrive in this product line. The specs are covered in details in all the links.

Choice of product is up to the individual needs of the user. We urge you to conduct your own research before purchasing and device such as the item featured.

Compare it to other similar devices in the marketplace.

Enjoy the media and links.


In this video we review the brand new Alienware X15.
Our review model has the new Intel 11th gen 11800H CPU and NVIDIA’s RTX 3060 90w TGP graphics card.
Timestamps: – 0:00:00
– Intro 0:00:34
– Specs 0:00:45
– Externals 0:01:12
– Ports 0:02:03
– Size and weight 0:02:33
– Lifting the lid 0:02:52
– Trackpad and keyboard 0:04:04
– Screen 0:04:38
– Web cam 0:04:54
– Internals and performance 0:06:13
– Gaming 0:06:51
– Battery life 0:07:25
– Installed software 0:07:53
– Wrap-up
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Jun 16, 2021 — Alienware X15 and Alienware X17 gaming laptops with Cryo-Tech cooling technology are now available.
That keyboard layout and design is an absolute horror. What a wasted redesign. Thanks for the review!
There are so little ports on the x15 and the GPU is at a low wattage. i’ll go for x17 or legion7.

Gary Norman

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